QuakeSpasm Windows XP / Quake The Offering - Distorted Graphics

Not having much luck trying to run Quake Engines with the GOG installation of Quake The Offering … highly distorted Graphics with Quakespasm … Blue Screen of Death with DirectQ … Page Fault / Sysaudio error. This particular setup is AMD Athlon 64 with Ati Radeon HD3850


Weird, never seen anything like that.

Try launching QuakeSpasm with “-novbo -noglsl” command line options to disable some changes that are more demanding on the OpenGL driver.
Another engine to try is Mark V, http://quakeone.com/markv/ , there are several variants (OpenGL, DirectX, software).

Did you accidentally launch with the “-art” option?

delete opengl32.dll. I know it’s been 6 weeks since the post, but I thought I’d leave the answer here for the future.


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