QuakeTerminus Closed

This hopefully wont affect too many people, but I have taken the decision to remove downloadable files from QuakeTerminus.com. The site should be considered completely dead, although I may leave some links to other sites, and a link to Web Archive where people can still find files that where hosted on QuakeTerminus.com

Long story: Most people considered QuakeTerminus dead 10 years ago. I was however keeping an eye on things (from time to time), making sure files were still available. Bizarrely, I only had access to the hosting server through a dial-up 56k modem, which meant updates were a pain. The hosting was completely free due to the hosting company kind of forgetting about the site.

Last month I got the (now it appears stupid) idea to move things to another hosting service so I could update in a normal fashion, and was going to take a crack a re-writing the code in HTML5. I chose… poorly. I didn’t realise QuakeTerminus still had quite a lot of data traffic, and now the new hosting company wants more money. Erm… well, I’m not paying. I’m keeping the domain since I have every day email addresses tied to it. The site however is finished.

I’ve done a couple of tests and files seem to download fine from Internet Archive: “Wayback Machine”. I can perhaps Upload the whole site to Mega if somebody is really desperate. I hereby remove any copyright claims to the site and content thereof.

Quake of course will live forever :slight_smile:

Regards, Megazoid

Oh man, without Quake Terminus I doubt Quaddicted would exist. Your support and kindness were crucial to motivate me in the early days. Thank you!

I would love to host its archive for all eternity! If you want and can, we could point the DNS A/AAAA records to this server and have it serve it. This would not affect mail (as that are the MX records).

Thanks Spirt. That’s a kind offer. Bandwidth appears to be 300MB per day. The total site size is something like 1.3 to 1.5GB. The HTML is an absolute mess, but works just about.

I’ll email you later, and we can chat about the best way to proceed if you like.

You hosted that site so very long.

You did your part, Megazoid. I hope you stick around and read stuff here and at Func.

Okay, circumstances have changed, and I’ve changed my hosting to unlimited bandwidth. All files are back, and I’ll be running the site for another decade or two (hahaha). Heck, I might even give it a much needed update. It’s kind of weird it still has traffic, which I can’t help thinking is just bots and search engines, but no matter. Some people use it I guess.

Thanks Spirit & Baker for the support.

we share CZGs curve tutorial a lot. :slight_smile:

thanks for bringing it back.

@megazoid - Okay, circumstances have changed, and I’ve changed my hosting to unlimited bandwidth.

All you had to do was bluff a bit longer and Spirit would have hosted because he’s sentimental. But NO!

Hahaha /end joke


Well, I remember downloading some stuff from Terminus that I couldn’t find elsewhere, so…

I just yesterday downloaded the Threewave files from there, and then saw this forum thread today. Glad it’s still chugging on!