Quakewiki is down until someone volunteers to investigate bug

I updated Mediawiki and switched to Doomwiki’s monaco port but the skin is not compatible or something. I tried my luck, clueless what is wrong.

Can you post the anonymized copy of the database along with the copy of the installation ? That way more people could take a look.

Nah, can’t be arsed. Sorry… I could share access to the container to someone trusted.

Alternatively, I guess we “just” need https://github.com/haleyjd/monaco-port to be updated to 1.27 support, go go go! :wink:

I did some things (commenting out code that threw errors, ugh!) so the wiki is readable by anyone again but it seems like logging in is now broken.

There is a slightly more recently updated monaco-port on github (9 months ago): https://github.com/MGageMorgan/monaco-port

It sounds like people are struggling to maintain these skins and every mediawiki release potentially breaks skins. Could we just switch back to the default theme? The menu is kinda nice but not worth struggling to keep, imo, or would it cause other problems to the site?

Nah, the skin looks so good, I would not want to lose it.

As 99.999% of activity was passive reading and there was maybe 10 contributions per year, I doubt the current state is much of a problem for anyone…

Please check out the github changelog, I made some changes today that should have it working on anything up until v1.30

If you’re still having problems, then something else in your install is interfering with the skin, and I’ll need detailed error message information to get anywhere. To get me that info, put all the following into LocalSettings.php and then access the site:
ini_set(“display_errors”, 1);
$wgShowExceptionDetails = true;
$wgShowSQLErrors = 1;


I upgraded the skin and get “Fatal error: Call to undefined method SkinMonaco::link()”. I need to make sure I did not manually screw around in the mediawiki (currently on 1.28.0) code itself though. That’s my TODO for tomorrow.

Seems like https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T147161 might be one of the problems (can’t log in anymore). I use CACHE_ACCEL (with APC in the background I guess)

The proposed “fixes” for above issue did not work so I switched to memcached for caching. Logging in works fine now with the default skins (cologneblue, modern, monobook, vector).

Latest version of your monaco port gives me “Fatal error: Call to undefined method User::saveToCache() in /srv/path/skins/monaco-port/Monaco.skin.php on line 221” after a successful login (and all subsequent page loads until I delete the cookies).

As a visitor the navigation is not visible on some pages (then “Fatal error: Call to undefined method SkinMonaco::link() in /srv/path/skins/monaco/Monaco.skin.php on line 865” is displayed), but fine on others. Weird!

Mediawiki is 1.29.1, monaco-port is 89f563a (6th Oct). https://quakewiki.org/wiki/Special:Version

Hmm, mediawiki’s HISTORY says

[quote]* Aliases for Linker methods, deprecated since 1.21, were removed from Skin:

  • Skin::link() (use MediaWiki\Linker\LinkRenderer instead)

Thanks, I will investigate this tomorrow and get back with you ASAP.

Alright, I believe these problems are now fixed; I’m able to log in on my 1.29 test wiki successfully.

It works! I will mail you for the thank you(s)!

Curious if you’d like to setup an “affiliate” status similar to what we have with NIWA on our front page – this would just involve trading front page links to each other at minimum. I added you to our WikiNode page just now.

I added QW wiki and Doom Wiki, great idea :slight_smile:

I added an affiliate link to our main page footer today; sorry for the delay and thanks :slight_smile: