I was told this site is ran by Spirit too. Also there is: http://www.quakewiki.net which Chip made, but gave up to Quakeone.com I hear.

Is there a way to make a place for a Quake mod in the wiki , say an older mod that was abandoned that you are taking on and continuing modding? I like how Chip did the layout with that , but seems its been locked down and nothing else can be added to it.

What do you mean by “place for a mod”?

The way the .net site has the quake 1 mods in the menu drop down. Not so much as the fancy menu , but if you follow it, the mods are all grouped, categorized nicely.

Im currently continuing modding on an abandoned Quake mod (Quake 1 Arena) so if I had a place to post the updated stuff, and sort of like a mini blog of sorts on an already traveled Quake site, sort of liek that one or the one you run, that would be neat.

I was hoping Indide3d would squeeze it in for me but I prefer it be in the right category, a Quake 1 mod, not just a general mod project.