Question about Quake Enhanced Weapons

Hello, i have some questions about porting Quake Enhanced weapons to Original Quake.
My pc is old and it’s not 32-bit and i can’t run Quake Enhanced on it.
But my question is : Is there a way to port Quake Enhanced weapons to Original Quake???
If you know, guide me please!

Take it from here, everything here is converted from Q2021:

[quote=Andrew]Take it from here, everything here is converted from Q2021:[/quote]
This has quake enhanced weapons??
I want quake enhanced weappons dude

[quote=Andrew]Take it from here, everything here is converted from Q2021:[/quote]
Hey dude, i can’t install it.
How to install this?

Nothing needs to be installed. Save the archive on your computer, open it and just copy the “progs” folder from the “MDL for ID1” folder to your game folder, something like this should turn out.“…\quakespasm_spiked_win64\ID1\progs”. This folder contains all models in MDL format from Quake Enhanced. If you only need weapons that are in the player’s hands, then you only need to copy files starting with the letter “v” (for example, “v_nail.mdl”).

Hi, Andrew, I’m playing Dimension of the Machine on QuakeSpasm and would like to use the new models from Quake Enhanced. I copied the progs folder, as you said, but I’m still seeing the old models. How can I get QuakeSpasm to show the new models? (I can’t use the default executable from Quake Enhanced because it doesn’t run smoothly on my computer. I’ve noticed that QuakeSpasm looks just as good, except for the models. I really want to experience the new ones.)

Oh, wait, you mean it only works with QuakeSpasm Spiked, right? Never mind then. Just tried with Spiked and it works perfectly. Yay!

Great work, btw. Thanks for doing this!