Questions about Ruins of the Elder God (jam9_shotro)

Just played this – a very strange and interesting map. A few things stumped me throughout, so I thought I’d pick the community hivemind a bit. Spoilers below.

  1. Has anybody found all six of the gears? What do they do?
  2. What is the secret bonfire for?
  3. Is there some kind of “good” ending? I got all the runes, destroyed the contract, and killed the prototypes, but I seem to have been eaten by some kind of monster upon exiting? Given the large number of secrets and alternative ways of doing things in this map, I wonder if there’s more to it that I might have missed.

Hey Not Jabba. Thanks for playing the map. The version you played is outdated and incomplete. If you download the mappack from the quoth website you will get an updated version of the map with a “good” ending.

All six gears can be found and destroyed unlocking the secret room, the bonfire gives you ammo, armor and health (like resting at a bonfire in Dark Souls) and the ending was completely changed to something a little less… WTF, but still interesting ripoff of dark souls.

I forgot to mention. The level was reworked a bunch for the Quoth release as well… so it is a bit less frustrating and there are new things to experience as well. I know the level was a bit frustrating, but the newer version addresses a lot of the problems that people had.

Ok, cool! Thanks for letting me know.

I liked this map very much. I appreciate ShoTro’s great work. Thank you very much.

I literally searched every corner of the map. But still I can’t find one secret and one mechanism. After spending so much time on the map, I think I deserve spoilers about the missing secret and mechanism. If anyone knows them, please share with us.

Mechanism #1 - Under the lift

Mechanism #2 - In the water

Mechanism #3 - Under the bridge

Mechanism #4 - Near the bloody square

Mechanism #5 - Over the cage

Mechanism #6? - At the main square
Either this is not one of the mechanisms or the player must somehow trigger something and make it breakable.

Secret #1 - Armor under the water at the beginning

Secret #2 - The bonefire

Secret #3 - Behind the waterfall

Secret #4 - In the library

Secret #5 - On the ceiling of the massacre area

Secret #6 - The armor on the roof

Secret #7 - The health on the outside of the high building

Secret #8 - In the area with in