Quick question about soundtrack console command

What is the console command to get the soundtrack working on Darkplaces for different custom maps?
I can’t remember right now.

For the music to play, there needs to be a music track specified in the custom maps themselves; if there is no such field, the music won’t play. A lot of many don’t actually have one.

Normally, there are commands to play a music track from CD or an external file, but I don’t know if or how it is in Darkplaces. In old ports, you’d just use “cd loop 5” to make it play a track; in newer ones like Quakespasm you can also use “music track05” to play an ogg or mp3 by that name. Type “cd” or “music” in the console and hit TAB to see all available commands.

Thanks for reply
I found it out. Example, Darkplaces - cd loop track002, 003 etc…
Quakespasm as you said… Music track05 etc…
Wil leave this here in case I forget or someone wants to know.