"Recent" activity

Are these messages really recent, or is it more a truncated of gathered info that appears out of order?
Often I look for a message to conclude it has past more than several hours or even years .

Yes, they are up to date. As I write this, the last event was about two hours ago.

Then it will be me, seeing an “atlantis” map commend 242 hours ago, with last post commend September 2018.

Strange. Perhaps update your Netscape Navigator, or see if clearing the browser cache helps.

It’s not a problem. I experienced the same delay with InsideQc. That also gave me the same difference between mobile and computer input.
Must have something to do with a server lag.

No, it is 100% on your end. Try with a modern browser and no intermediate proxy/VPN/cache/whatever.

“A user rated “atlantis” a 2/5 209 minutes ago” on 14 Sept 2020 23h00 .
Brunomiwa 29 januari 2018 21h06.

I don’t want to be a mincer, but do you need a 1% screenshot? Or just let it be, I just had too much skimming and spam on my side.

Brunomiva left a comment in 2018, the unnamed user left a rating in 2020. The rating made the line show up on the frontpage. You cannot see a rating history on a map page.

Maybe a dumb question then:
How can you rate a map without leaving a comment?

Ah! Thanks for being persistent, this solves the question!

You can do that by clicking on the hearts on map’s page (if you are logged in).

Yes, so that’s how it’s done. It puzzled me for quiet a while
where these updates came from, while there was no comment to see.

Question solved.