Retroquad game engine patreon by mankrip

mankrip, who you might (should!) know from the Makaqu engine is doing a Patreon for exciting high quality Quake engine development:

[quote]Here’s a very simplified list of features that I’m aiming to implement. Several of these were already implemented, but needs more work:

  • OGG music support
  • ZIP/PK3 file support
  • increased limits (including BSP2, LIT2, and so on)
  • maplist command and map selection menu
  • platform-independent mod/game selection menu
  • mouse-based GUI
  • touch-based GUI
  • touch-enabled HUD
  • touch controls
  • force feedback (controller vibration)
  • 4-players split screen
  • portrait mode
  • 32-bit video modes
  • individually paletted texture group support
  • colored lighting
  • cel shading
  • model outlines
  • fog
  • stainmaps
  • entity shadows
  • mirrors
  • render-to-texture
  • scrolling textures
  • perspective correction on MDL models
  • MDL backface rendering
  • MDL wireframe rendering
  • skeletal model support
  • built-in frame/animation editor
  • line particles/sparks [/quote]

Please consider joining with monetary support!

Surprised that this guy is so close here in Resende, Rio. But the link says he’s not a patron yet and I couldn’t find Retroquad there either.

Oh, apparently his not patreon-nizing the engine anymore: