Reworked Enforcer, early underwater map, and a big shark...

Not sure if this is the right place to post. No downloads or anything (yet). Just looking for some quick feedback.

I wanna do a mini-episode in an underwater base setting. Ideally I wanna do four new monsters, maybe five we’ll see, and also rework the vanilla quake monsters to fit a little better in this setting. So, I took on the enforcer first. Removed his helmet and gave him a new palette.

Curious to hear what you think. All suggestions and feedback welcome.

And here’s a video of him in action along with the map I’m working on:

I also made a shark coming in at 1250 polygons. Still have to texture and animate it but I’m pretty happy with the result so far:

I don’t understand how not wearing a helmet makes the enforcer better suited for underwater combat, but it looks cool nonetheless.

Lol, yeah I stumbled on my own words there XD

I meant to refer to the palette. Quake’s got all this brown tinting going on which doesn’t look so good for underwater stuff. Removing the helmet was just to give him a fresh look.

@‘basementApe’, the video you linked, requires an account on the portal, to be watchable.

The shark model, looks very professional. It is not the media-popular “Great White”, nor the “Tiger Shark”. How is this species called, that you based upon?

Finally, the new “Enforcer”. Looks great, quite “Strogg”, in my opinion. I assume that by “underwater base setting”, you mean only dry spaces, located underwater - rather than taking risk with underwater physics in ‘Quake’?

Speaking of the marine environment and some “Strogg”-like climate, do you know of a project called ‘SOMA’?


For the shark model, I guess it must be the “Bull Shark”. “Porbeagle”, would be my second bet.

Hey triple_agent, thanks for the feedback!

Ah Soma, I haven’t gotten too far into it. The gameplay kinda freaked me out, and not in a way that I enjoy :stuck_out_tongue: Same as Amnesia really. I dig the existentialist themes it explores though and it’s really well executed too.

The shark is based on a great white, but I don’t want it to look too much like any particular species. In fact, I thinkk the model may be a bit too realistic-looking as-is for Quake so I might try to stylize it some.

What I have in mind is mostly indoors, with some underwater areas where you have to fight sharks, and look for secrets and extra envirosuits.

It’s weird you have to sign up to access the video, hmm. I set it to be public so should work. Maybe vimeo is being flaky.

Early texture WIP:

Small texture update, do you think the colors and contrast work?

EDIT - ingame:

@‘basementApe’, your work and amount of good will, are amazing. Keep it up! It looks all very promising, but until the gameplay beta, it is hard to evaluate, really. On a sidenote, the wounds that shark has, remind me somewhat of those inflicted by “cookiecutter” sharks - scary stuff.

Happy Halloween!

Thanks man, appreciate it!

Just treating this as kind of a devlog for now really. I plan to have two new enemies in the starting map, and when that’s all done I’ll release the map to get some feedback and stuff. This is my first map so I probably have a lot to learn.

Anyways, got the shark in the game! It uses the fish AI atm. I might try to write my own AI routines for it in the future to get it to behave more like what I had in mind.

Oceanic depths, make one recall the notion of Cthulhu; it is a nice contextual touch, especially in the lore of ‘Quake’; but I would avoid making obvious references.

The shark attack animation, looks very tasty!