Rubicon Rumble Pack: Telefragged - The List Of Secrets

I had been trying hard to find all 31 secrets. I would like to share them with you.

Acid Bath Secret

Agile Ninja Secret

Caretaker Secret

Clamber Secret

Contempt Secret

Convolutions Secret

Crafty Ninja Secret

Crate Botherer Secret

Drunken Ninja Secret

Fish Fingered Secret

Focused Ninja Secret

Healthy Boxy Secret

Hunger Secret

In The Shadows Secret

Infused Secret

Ironclad Secret

Jagged Stair Secret

Long Drop Secret

Memorion Secret

Never Alone Secret

Nyarchon Secret

Packman Secret
The glass is not always cracked, in which case the button is not shootable. How do we make the glass cracked?

Reanimation Secret

Rusty Secret

Shocking Secret

Steaming Secret

Tecquad Secret

Under Stair Secret

Vent The Fury Secret

Ventilator Secret

void() Secret

Another secret area which is not counted as a secret in the game:

how do you get un telefraged in this map can someone e-mail me some screens to show how you do it

my E-mail is

You have to get the mandatory “Reanimation Secret” to be un-telefragged. At the beginning of the game, just follow the only followable path which wouldn’t make any thugs notice you. At one point you have to dodge a dog which stands in your way though.

You will get through the ventilation to get the card. They put that card in the socket. The bridge will rise. Go through that bridge.

Very nice work!

Correction, though: Reanimation isn’t a mandatory secret. There’s another path nearby leading to medbay, wherein you get healed.

Where is it? I’m curious.

Where the Axe is located. I wonder how you played the map, not finding this…

I knew that shiny cabin was for something…

I had always arrived to that room fully healed and with double barrel shotgun. That’s why I didn’t know.

Joker if you need more help check out daz’s livestream: (Telefragged starts at 37:00)

Secret list looks nice but I don’t want to look too closely as I still have to find them myself :slight_smile: