Rubicon Style Maps

After finishing up Underdark Overbright, and before I start up Contract Revoked the next big map project that I have on my list is the Rubicon map sets. This means playing Rubicon, Rubicon 2 and the Rubicon Rumble Pack. I also want to play anything that is Rubicon themed as well. What other great Rubicon themed maps are available here at Quaddicted? Here is a list of what I have played so far:; Scampie’s map was really nice in this pack.; This map was also really nice too.; I haven’t played this one yet but I will probably play it too.

Industrial Combat is the first to use an early version of the texture set. It’s very short but worth playing.

And I’ll go ahead and self-promote, although my map mixes rubicon with runic and some other textures.

To begin with i suppose that you know you can search for Rubicon on

About recommendations i would go with