Site will be read-only for a few days starting 2023-10-30

I plan to do a migration of the forum and rating/comment system tomorrow.

Because it will make things much easier, I will set things to be read-only for a while.
If things go well, this will just be for a day, otherwise until the end of the next weekend.

If someone wants to follow along, I will probably chat and swear in #qc on Anynet as usual.

Blocked comments, ratings, forum posts, registrations.

Tagging is still possible on purpose.

Anything else you do at the moment might get lost.

Above was the last posts in fluxbb at Forum

I can’t access, it just redirects me to these forums

Ah, I set the old forums to maintenance mode but since the authentication system for map review pages is still powered by it this caused the maintenance message to popup there as well. I disabled the mode again, thanks for the notify!