Slow download speed on Quaddicted?

Some people have mentioned they were having trouble downloading files from Quaddicted due to very poor transfer rates. This seems to be affecting southern hemisphere regions like e.g. Australia and South America mainly.

If you’re one of them, please post some details on your location, connection and download rates from this site vs. other sites in similar locations, including a to Falkenstein or Nürnberg (Nuremberg) / Germany and a traceroute to



I’ve had pretty mediocre connections to anything European for a while now. Coming from Melbourne, Australia. That said, Australian internet in general is currently in a pretty poor state due to the environment & a general lack of maintenance. I usually get speeds that are similar to 1mbps rather than 10mbps, even when connecting locally.

Thanks! And how slow is Quaddicted in comparison for you? Try eg or