smej 2 is out and you should play it

i did a brief search, so sorry if i missed an existing thread but smej 2 is out and its really good.

Already a patched version is out -

I am enjoying it a lot so far. Currently at 4th map, cleared it (mostly). Now I need to find the secret level.

The first SMEJ while was also a extremely good and quality release, I remember the first map in that one for me personally was really off-putting because of all the jumping and shooting puzzles in it.

Man, thanks for pointing this out! Loved Smej, love Smej 2 so far.

its great but the last level is ultra hard on hard. also the gold puzzles are… ungodly unforgiving. btw how to turn of the turrets? i missed the 5th silver key. would this disable the turrets?
I needed more than 2hours only for the last level…

Way too hard for me. And puzzles are way too puzzling. That’s subjective! Objectively everything’s 5 out of 5. Outdoor areas were really cool. I didn’t play too much - was way too hard & puzzles bored me - but as for what I’ve seen it was outstanding