SMP - Speedmapping progs

Latest Version available now:


  • Fixed a bug that prevented some monsters from spawning

  • Added Single Player Instagib modes (spinstagib)

  • Set your desired mode in the console:
    gib_all - instagib everyone
    gib_monsters - only monsters instagib
    gib_player - only players instagib
    gib_off - disables instagib

    You can also enable them on the command line:
    fraglimit 666 - instagib everyone
    fraglimit 333 - only monsters instagib
    fraglimit 999 - only players instagib
    fraglimit 0 - disables instagib

  • instagib sounds will randomize between appropriate built-in sounds


Mirrored here:

This is a simple mod intended for use in community speed mapping events. It is also a excellent base for new QuakeC projects as I’ve included a multitude of bug fixes and some popular quality-of-life features. smp is a modified version of the 1.06 id1 “netquake” progs. The GitHub repository can be found here:

This should be the final version of the mod barring any bugs. In addition to bug fixes I’ve added a couple of new entities:

  • misc_model: a simple entity to display a model
  • play_sound_triggered: trigger a custom sound on demand
  • play_sound_random: play a custom sound at random intervals
  • ambient_general: plays a custom loop-able sound