So I guess we should talk?

The other day I was made aware of people at func_msgboard preparing the next speedmapping pack. You can read the community argueing about it in

I saw this as an attempt to harass a member of this site and that majorly pissed me off. I posted an angry outburst to Twitter, without context as I assumed it was nothing but the day’s random annoyed persons twitter rant and more importantly, obvious in context. But apparently it was not.

Shambler mailed me with lots of reasonable words but also suggested I should post the pack. I did quit func_msgboard over his moderation abuse over a year ago so I did (and do) not have reason to assume good intentions. Rightfully so as he then published our

Now that it was clear that the topic of the speedmapping pack and some of the posts around it were at the source of my tweet, onetruepurple decided it would be a great idea to submit a news post about it at Quaddicted. I quickly removed it.

The published mails made skacky assume my anger was directed at him (I guess). but so far, no reaction.

Today I decided to look what was posted in the terrafusion discord and it is just a mess. Kudos to Daz for being a reasonable person, hats off to you, mate. You can read all the rumors, rage and slander in if you want for a better impression…

No, Quaddicted won’t go away. Yes, of course you should mirror the file archives if they are dear to your heart. The wiki page about mirroring it is six years old and seriously out of date, but I think it illustrateds my intentions:

I would love to work together to make this site well maintainable and up to date. I asked for help on the technical side year after year. negke and nonickname are doing a fantastic job adding new maps to the site and keeping an eye on it, thanks guys!

This could all have been a reasonable discussion (yeah, my tweet was not that). To quote Daz (from the public discord channel): [quote]the mistake was assuming that someone you’ve never met would be ok with you using them in a speedmap like this. If permission was asked and approved before hand then this whole thing would have been fine.[/quote]

So … to be honest I have no idea how to help clean up this mess or if there is even any honest want in that. I was sick and tired of the toxicity from that part of our Quake world before, but this is just insane. Maybe ask me anything you wonder about or that you are angry about and I will try to give you an answer to clear up things?

I want to make a note that since we(terrafusion) took notice of the reviews…OTP, Skacky and myself defended the users right to those opinions. This isnt to cast stones at those who “didnt” but this does make our intentions a bit clearer in our desire to title SM180 in the way we did.

It was made overtly clear by Skacky that any insulting entries to SM180 would be disqualified.

"It goes without saying that anything that’s outright insulting towards Repus, such as centerprints, or levels mocking them in a mean way will be thrown out. "

Im working on a revision of my entry to SM180 that I hope you’d be willing to host. Ive always romanticized the idea of my maps being on here. So I’m genuinely a bit upset that one of my better pieces of work is being barred because of a misunderstanding.



I think you’ve explained your position and we appreciate that you’re not as enraged as we had suspected. Not much else to say.

However, I think Quaddicted has it’s own continuing problems. There was a new user who posted a simple question the other day. Someone who had come seeking advice on mapping after many years away. One of the admins answered the the question with a link to a older thread and closed the thread. To me that is a bit extreme. Do the Forums need to be THAT tidy? If the user subscribed to the thread hoping for more information via email he certainly would be disappointed to hear nothing but silence. I PM’d him and welcomed him to other resources where he’d get up to date info. This sounds pretty trivial but something is quite wrong when Quaddicted is less hospitable than func_.

I personally would like to help more anywhere I can in the community and want you to know this is constructive criticism.

Leaving aside the topic at hand before reading more …

I think you are exagerating a bit with this one. Pointing someone to another thread where the question has been answered is completely common practice on forums, and not only amongst moderators. See it this way, what’s the point of answering things twice if its faster pointing to the already written answers? There is no silence either, as an answer in the way of a link was given.


I understand this is BBS etiquette. Pointing to a relevant thread wasn’t the problem. Locking the thread was my issue. This person was NEW to the board and away from the community for 20-ish years. I know it’s a fine distinction but I am referring to the treatment of someone new to Quaddicted. Not really rude but not exactly welcoming either. Perhaps the moderator could have added. “Let’s move the conversation there and I’ll lock up this thread.”

Closing and locking the thread and imposing “proper” behavior on an existing member is understandable.

I think this community is a bit too small to afford infighting.

Although poking lighthearted fun at someone who claims to have “better refined taste” than other people is doing God’s work - as long as it stays lighthearted. Then again, I haven’t seen any of the submissions yet. This is the first time I’m hearing about this.

We have a similar reviewer on Doomworld, also recent.

For some context, is the pack.

Additional screenshots of my entry,

muk0r: Aye, skacky seems to have had good intentions. It is a shame that Shambler published the private conversation like that. skacky has not replied to my tweets, I guess he blocked me…

dumptruck_ds: I support locking that thread. negke posted a link to the “proper” thread and the user can just go there. I really don’t see the issue with that. It is nowhere as problematic the level of abuse func or tf feature.

I’ve been asked, politely, by Spirit to reply to this thread:

I can’t remember any particular moderation abuse. I occasionally make mistakes and I occasionally take the piss during my moderating but I believe the vast bulk of it is normal - approving news, moving threads to suitable places, hiding spam etc. If there is a serious persistent problem then either contact me and calmly explain it or contact metl to get him to rap my knuckles.

You’re not correct about my intentions in this case. They were (and are) “good” - i.e. for people to stop being inflammatory towards each other, to stick around in the community, and to appreciate and support all the cool stuff going on. Hopefully some of my discussion in discord demonstrates that.

I posted a private email exchange because it was my way of dealing with your responses to my requests, responses which culminated in you calling me “a massive cock” and telling me to “piss off”. At that point I felt that you had waived any right to privacy given that your tone was consistent with your previous tweet and the emails were not revealing any particularly private / off-topic / unexpected information.

If you consider that the email exchange had mistakenly shown you to be attacking skacky when you weren’t, then I believe you could have made a stronger reply to me indicating that was not the case e.g. “No my complaint is nothing to do with skacky nor his SM suggestion, it’s the whole tone of that thread etc etc” - I can’t remember seeing that (I can’t check as I’ve deleted my post and all the emails). I made several requests to skacky both in #terrafusion and private discord messages to stick around because of how much I (we) appreciate his maps and presence in general. There have been other mappers who have fallen out with the Quake scene, but have later returned, hopefully this will be the case.

I don’t have much else to say other than my previous request: play nice, stick around, appreciate all the cool Quake stuff. And contact me directly and clearly if there’s problems with my role. Banter is of course a different matter, be as rude as you want with that.

Incidentally I would consider part of that cool Quake stuff to include some of the sporadic but entertaining discussions in Discord (pixelquake VS GLQuake, are slopejumps allowed for basic secrets, many other previous ones), some of the topical and indepth discussions on Func_, and some of the constantly entertaining Twitch streams from the community (I remember even skacky being impressed with muk’s demonstration how to make cool rocks in seconds (vertex manipulation, was it??).

That’s more words than I intended to write.

It’s probably hard to remember abuse if you consider(ed) it fine. I can’t remember the issue and I am not sure I could find it again. If you can check what my last posts were (including hidden ones) plus any edits to my threads, mail them to me if you want me to check. I don’t plan to come back to that circle jerk of quarrel(?) though.

It is good to hear that your intentions were actually good. Please excuse my doubt. I hope you can recognise where it came from.

Posting private mails without consent from all parties is never ok. As I tried to make clear, and as should hopefully be understandable, I assumed you to be taking the piss. Don’t blame the lack of context on me. I did not want to waste my attention on elaborating on what I considered (and still consider) to be a pretty clear issue.

Well, in all my active time in the func/tf corner, I cannot remember you doing much else. :frowning: I highly recommend to consider how rudeness affects communities.