Some errors in the map database

I browsed the map archive recently and came across several listings that seem to be incomplete or have errors:

“Dark, Blue, Scary” is listed as author unknown. The author is Jago, who also released “Apinaraivo / Monkey Rage”. He mentions that dnspq1 was his first map on func:

“The Hockey Arena,” listed as a 1998 release with author unknown, was actually released as part of a three-map mini-episode in 1997:

The author is listed as a George Grotans, but the map is actually by Matteo Baldoni and Cristina Baroglio. The screenshot is also wrong (it’s from one of Grotans’s maps that’s also called Maze).

“Escape the Castle” by Chris Burgess has a 22 September 1996 release date in the archive, but its text file mentions that it was made with Worldcraft 1.5, which wasn’t released until September 1997. Presumably “Escape the Castle” was actually released on 22 Sept. 1997.

Likewise, “Escape the Base” has a release date of 18 August 1996, but it probably came out on that day in 1997.

I should have mentioned that it was another commenter, Gila, who discovered the potential mis-dating of Escape the Base and Escape the Castle. Likewise, Cocerello was the one who originally noticed that the two Maze maps were mixed up.

Fixed, fixed, fixed and fixed. Thanks kindly! :))

Another suggestion: the archive lists Dark Ages by Juha Koiste with a 31/12/1998 release date, but the map’s text file is dated December 24th, 1996 and Crash reviewed the map on January 9, 1997.


Hm, weird one. The date was taken from the BSP file itself. Guess it is wrong. Thanks!