Some maps / mapsets not loading...

Hi All,

I’ve just returned to using quake injector (after coming back to the game with the remaster).

I’ve downloaded and installed the latest 4.0 version and it works well. Except that some maps / packs seem to download and then not launch.

For example war_church released 25th aug 2021, when I click play I get dumped at the quake console with the following log :

execing quake.rc
execing default.cfg
execing config.cfg
execing autoexec.cfg
Unknown command "gl_ztrick"
Unknown command "_windowed_mouse"
Couldn't spawn server maps/War.bsp
3 demo(s) in loop

Command line is :

Command line: G:\games\QUAKE\Quake1\quakespasm.exe +map War Church\war_church

So I took a look at the zip file for war_church and it seems to contain a directory name with a space in it, I suspect this is what is screwing things up.

Is there a fix for this?



Has to be manually installed and accessed. At least until it gets repacked by the admins.

The files should be in id1\maps. Then “map war_church” in the console.