Some Questions for Spirit

Regarding Markie’s comment on the quake-dvm page ( )

1.) Is profanity currently prohibited? There’s no mention of it in the rules. If that’s a new development, that’s fine, but it should be explicitly spelled out.

2.) What does Markie’s comment have to do with a “toxic boys’ club”? There was nothing in the content of Markie’s message that I could identify as being toxic or exclusionary to women.


I agree with this. I thought it was strange to censor that when the site hasn’t had any profanity rules in the past, nor a particularly clean-mouthed or safe-for-work culture. Not sure if this is a case of something more going on behind the scenes with Spirit and Markie.

The timing worked out a little too well with Spirit censoring the word “fuck” from my post and then immediately going to reply to another comment I had made criticizing an upload. Like he went and combed through all of the posts I made looking for something. It comes off like he’s upset that I called out some of the poor taste listings he’s made in the past calling people’s maps ugly, crap, pointless, etc. in their archival posting.

Aye, if profanity is prohibited, it should be transparently stated in the rules.

First of all, please calm down and put your torches back on the shelves. I had no evil intentions at all. Please always assume that everyone has good intentions, I try my best to do the same (and I know I often fail).

Secondly, sorry! Intransparent censorship is horrible and admins fingering around in people’s posts is a serious thing.

The site has had these rules: for a long time but I just realise now that it just said “flaming and insults”. And comment pages say “Keep the comments on topic and do not post nonsense.”
I thought it had “be nice and civil” or something like that as well. Anyways, the gist was to have a nice, grown-up and positive environment.

Sorry if this censoring seemed arbitrary, I guess it was, but I am certain I at least scolded other users in the past. Profanity/obscenity leads the way to toxicity, that’s why I dislike it and why I think communities should care. I will recover the comment later and make sure to add this to the rules (unless people really want the “freedom”?). Sorry again for the confusion and me overstepping a boundary.

The other post I simply noticed when I removed the profanity (seeing all comments of the user) so there is absolutely no need or reason to jump into conspiracy theories there. In the nicest way possible: I don’t know or care about Markie except that they made some maps and textures :smiley:
And it’s tiring when people complain without stepping up with help. Please don’t try to read something nefarious black-and-white into things, just ask curiously and often there is a simple, harmless explanation. :slight_smile:

The old reviews are … old and from an era where I and the other reviewers were regulars at places like func_msgboard or terrafusion where it was deemed appropriate to be crass and hostile by default. I regret a lot of things I wrote and did back then. :frowning: If you have suggestions on how to rename the rating categories, please shout! radiatoryang has recently also asked about older descriptions and generously offered to fix them here and there, which is really awesome!

PS: You should all be partying for me managing to edit a comment without breaking the whole database again, lol D:

I would strongly recommend not policing language.

It’s not so much that profanity and obscenity lead to toxicity, but that toxicity leads to profanity and obscenity. But once there, profanity and obscenity can also be used in a positive manner to help one navigate toxicity, they can be cathartic and authentic (as many rock fans, for example, would know). They can also be used in an all-positive context, to express passion, amazement, etc… Conversely, one can be underhandedly toxic, mean, or aggressive keeping well within the bounds of a clean and civil language.

The way I see it, the idea is to have a community where people are kind and civil to one another from their own hearts, not where unkind people or people that use strong language are censored; and helpful along the way to this is:

  • to seek to always respond with kindness;

  • to heal and forgive any unkindness that is directed towards oneself until such instances no longer hurt and, thus, there is nothing left to heal or forgive;

  • to generally accept and have a benevolent attitude towards people, ideas, or language that one might not particularly fancy.

If you cannot automate the censorship - which will be outmaneuvered anyway, this way or the other - I think it is unwise to add yet another burden upon oneself, especially of such menial and attention-demanding character. Comments section is a shitty place for any discussion anyway, starting with the lack of option to edit - at least to edit before any response arrives - in the first place. If I could change one fundamental thing on ‘Quaddicted’, it would be to somehow convert the comments section, into dedicated forum threads.

Thank you, @I like Quake. That is a great view on it and I fffing love profanity for emphasis myself sometimes. And how does it matter if someone uses frick or to just avoid some others words arbitrarily deemed “bad”.

I think it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that specific words can be an issue when it’s the context that matters.

Man, do I screw up sometimes… We really need more shoulders around here.

I think in this thread was already most said about the topic and i see a consent (Or so i hope). I am not for a censorship, it masks bad manners of people, i like to ride with open faceplate etc.

My ADS beats me now to this little idea: Why say frick if you could try say it in a playfull manner in another language -uncensored-. Like “baise” or “ficken” or instead of shit “scheiss” or “merde”. If everybody is on the same boat in that moment, why not? And let the children learn somthing for their lives. :smiley:

So long: “Zakríkol som sa, idiotsky som prehovoril.” or “Teraz idem, ja som idiot hovoril.” (“Ich verzieh mich, ich idiot habe gesprochen.” duckundweg)

(Deepl is a gift… And this post was not so serious serious… sorry…)

Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries! Now GO AWAY, before I taunt you again!

I reverted the comment to the original. Sorry again.

Markie, if you have older descriptions with issues, please post about them in the forums here so we can take a look. Thanks!