Some relights...

Hi, I’ve added some colored lights to a few maps and I would like to show you some of my works. These are not RTlights, but .lit files. I’ve discovered a method to add colored lights manually without decompiling a map

Day of the Lords


hi Tireheb_666

it looks interesting, will you release these lit files?


Don’t know If I can, because with the .lit files you need also the edited map. But at the moment I can release a colored version of Castle of Koohoo since Vondur himself gave me permission on Discord

But I think I can do 2 birds with a stone: release the .lit and the edited .ent file to be merged with the program Qentity…I’ll do in these days since I need also to take a look at the maps in the screenshot, I don’t want to have forgotten something

Some engines also support .ent files along-side maps, check out

Just tried using the .ent files with original .bsp file and new .lit file but colored lights doesn’t work

Tried on: Quakespasm Spiked, Ironwail, FteQW64 and Zircon, same results. No colored lights