Some testing against slow downloads

People have sometimes reported very slow download speeds from Quaddicted. If you are one of the them, could you try (Falkenstein) (Helsinki) (Nürnberg) (Falkenstein)

and tell me if one of them is not as slow as the one? Thanks!

If your browser complains about an insecure download you can ignore that. Delete the file after download if you feel scared. It is just 1 Gigabyte of random bytes. (Falkenstein) - 9 Mbps avg (Helsinki) - 8 Mbps max (Nürnberg) - 10 Mbps avg (Falkenstein) - 4 Mbps max

at 13:10 gmt+2

Never downloaded anything massive enough from “Quaddicted”, to notice any sub-par speeds or bottlenecks; neither did I notice any obnoxiously slow downloads going against general expectations, as far as I remember.

Due to no complaints, I do not know if I am a good candidate for testing.

100 Mbps on everything (as much as isp allows), GMT +3 @ 11:45

Any more tests from people who have/had troubles previously?

qazzaq’s numbers definitely do not look great, not sure I could improve them though, it is not easy to get better hosting for eastern regions I think.