Soundtrack for Warpspasm!


I’m looking for a track list or soundtrack for Warpspasm.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


From the music readme file obscured in one of the PAKs:

[quote=ijed]The tracks are as follows and can be downloaded in thier original versions at The exception is Starscream by Distrans, which was made specially for Warp Spasm and such is in its original version. I named it Starscream because of an email conversation we had.

The warp Spasm versions of the other five tracks have been downsampled and reduced to mono in order to be used in Quake, I suggest you hear the originals if you like these 8bit versions.

Map Artist / Album / Track Name
warp Dotkraz Vs. Idle Sunder / Reflectional Feedback
warpa Turmoil / Other Side of Hell / Psychic Vacuum Probe
warpb Legion / Shapeshifting in Abalone / Permodial
warpc Damballah / Ether
warpd Zero Degree / Rot / Rot
warpe Distrans / Starscream[/quote]

Great! Thanks a lot!