Source for e2m6full

Does anyone have a copy of the e2m6full source?
Romero only released the two separated parts, not the unified version.

Some people released unified versions of e2m6, but none of the versions I’m finding have the source. They didn’t include the GPL license, nor any documentation either, so I have no idea who the authors are:

frag.machine also released an unified version of e2m6, but his link is dead:

Not the source of the map you linked, but one I just made for you: (bonus: the shortcut lift between both start areas now opens up in singleplayer mode, too)

After uploading it I discovered there’s another source available made by mh:

Wonderful! You guys are great! Now, thanks to you, I finally have this map with transparent water! Thanks!

Cool, Negke! I’ll use your e2m6 source, and now I’m adding some other fixes to it.

By the way, what is this “shortcut lift between both start areas”? I’ve played the map and didn’t notice any difference, maybe I didn’t find it.

The elevator is located immediately to the right of the starting gate in the wall under the torch. But for some reason, the doors to it do not open, even if you run to the upper intersection with a moving bridge. There is an exit from this elevator. This is the starting room of the cropped map version. I didn’t figure out how to open it. I didn’t find any additional buttons. I was able to enter and exit the elevator using the “noclip” command.

It’s part of the original The (fairly slow-moving) elevator is intended for deathmatch and blocked off by two func_wall entities on singleplayer mode, but it can be useful for coop as well. It now becomes accessible once you press the button that raises the stairs in the first area after the water hub room. The first step of the raising stair bridge killtargets the two func_wall entities (“t93”); just a simple hack, no classnames were changed.