Speedmapping packs now available in the Quake Injector

Many years ago we decided to not include the speedmapping packs in the Quake Injector because they were lacking metadata.

They are now enabled (just because I remembered…, oops!), please report issues in their comment sections in https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/

Oops, I should have looked at the status first. Will try to automatically add the startmaps (what the Quake Injector uses to decide which map to launch) later today if I find the time.

Cool! Nice to see quaddicted/injector being updated.

Working on it now.

All speedmapping packs should now have “startmaps”, meaning that you can select maps from them in the Quake Injector.

They should also hopefully install correctly. if not, slap me. If they require mods, my script had no chance of knowing. :wink: