Start Quake with 50 ammo, not 25?

Hello, I was wondering if there might be a mod file to start Quake with 50 ammo by default instead of 25. Just for my convenience so I feel like I won’t run out of ammo too fast. If anyone knows, send a message and if you could, give step by step instructions which folder to add it to

Not sure. It depends if it is hard coded or not, but there is for sure other ways like:

  • Cheat commands.
  • Modify the map.

But most maps including id1 ones have so much that its really hard to run out of it, and a lot more easy to end them with all ammo at full and several or more ammo boxes lying around.

Depending on the engine and probably some latency in which it would accept additional commandline parameters, you can try +"map start; wait; wait; give s 50"

Give or take more “wait;”

“give s 50” is the cheat command to get 50 shells.

I find it hard to believe anyone can run out of ammo at all, Id games are notorious for giving players more ammo than they know what to do with.

The give s 50 seems to work fine from the game already.