Starting an engine with a command line in Windows

Really dumb question. Until recently I’ve mainly been playing Quake in OS X with Quakespasm. When I launch the application in OS X it opens the command line immediately and I can go from there. In Windows none of the exes I’ve been using do this. Some of them support commands line “game” in the console, but I can’t, for example, use the “heapsize” command in Fitzquake. When I’m trying to write something like,

-heapsize 48000 -hipnotic -game quoth +map starkmon

I have no idea where to put it.

So how do I open the command line the Windows for these applications?

Like I said. Probably a really dumb question about something that is basic to Windows users. But you know what they say. Macs are for people who don’t know how to use computers!

(I know I can just use the Quake Injector but I prefer to do things manually. Plus I can’t seem to use it for certain maps. Plus it’s slow.)


After some research thought it might be command prompt. I can get fitquake to launch but still can’t use commands. Say I type

fitzquake085.exe -heapsize 48000 -hipnotic -game quoth +map starkmon

gives an error. Probably messing up the syntax or doing it wrong entirely. Oh dear.


you could make a shortcut pointing at the .exe.
From there you can edit the properties of this shortcut to make your personal commandline.
Map launching would then happen from the console, or even from the shortcut.
I once had a folder full of shortcuts, all my fav maps where in there, all with their prefered launchcommands and even different engines.

Details! :stuck_out_tongue:

I made once, this shows the shortcut way.

Thanks for your help guys–the shortcut thing was exactly what I needed!