Stupid Quaddicted admin bans whole server, sadness ensues

Hello everyone, it is me, your stupid admin.

I accidentally blacklisted the webserver itself from accessing the site (I or negke did that once before, didn’t we?). That’s why you might have seen a message that you were banned, but in fact, it had nothing to do with you specifically. You are actually awesome, go take a look in a mirror and tell yourself that!

To the twentysomething people who mailed me, thank you and my deepest apologies for making you feel like you had actually been banned. That sucked!

It should now work again and I promise to do it again (but I will see if I can make the IP forwarding bedazzle work properly).

I might break some things in the forum at the moment, stay tuned.

It should be fixed but for some reason my avatar image was broken. Other users’ avatars seem fine. If yours is broken, copy the URL, remove everything before the space, download the image, and upload it again in your profile. And best tell me, this is weird and what I changed should have absolutely zero connection to this.

Your avatar is still broken for me. Mine was briefly but it seems to be back (?)

Edit: never mind, yours is back now too. For some reason sending this post sent me to the 404 page.

No worries, stuff like that happens :).
Be good to Youirself,


Everything is on the track again. No worries!

I am quite a veteran at getting banned on various forums, mainly for persistent offtopic, sometimes for offending the feelings of other people or publicly speaking against general agenda of the place, so anyhow, for me, it is almost like a sport - thanks for providing an opportunity to be there once again; it is actually refreshing and very grounding kind of sensation, making one ask very fundamental questions - each time over again - even though it came out just to be a training mission, this time.

For the fault itself; shit happens.

But hey, if you ever ban me for real, know that I am not angry!


The avatars work on and off, but it seems like there will be no issue or required user intervention, once things get settled on the serverside.

“It should now work again and I promise to do it again (but I will see if I can make the IP forwarding bedazzle work properly).”

I really hope you meant that you promise NOT to do it again!!

This kind of failure has happened before.
But I was calm because I knew Spirit would fix everything.

I know myself and I said what I said! :smiley:

But I fixed that the forum was thinking that every user has the same IP so I can’t actually keep my promise. :wink:

I have absolutely no clue what might cause the avatar issue. They sometimes work, sometimes not. Something is injecting a "https, " before the URLs but only sometimes… Maybe some cache I didn’t know existed. Guess I will have to look at every step between forum and browser, yuck… Just ignore it for now.

Huh, it also happens on login, the resulting URL is “,%20

And when posting to the forums. What the …

The weird 404 on forum posts should be gone now and the avatars are fixed.

The issue is weird, apparently the reverse proxy is sometimes returning “https, https” instead of “https” as its protocol. Anyways, I simply hardcoded it now in fluxbb’s functions.php… >:)