Submitting maps to Quaddicted

A quick guideline for getting your newly-created map on Quaddicted in the smoothest way possible.

The release should be a standard ZIP archive and include

]the fully-compiled and thoroughly-tested BSP file/]
]a text file with information on the level, the author, and the requirements to play/]
](optionally) additional files required by the map, but no unnecessary clutter/]
]a consistent, lowercase naming scheme for all files, including the archive itself/]
]no directories, unless they are required for additional content or a mod/]

Upload the ZIP to a webspace/hoster that supports direct downloads and post the url in The release will then be added to the Quaddicted database.

Also check out this and this short by dumptruck_ds.

If your map has skyboxes where do you put them?

Usually in gfx/env/ from what I know. See for an example. If your map is for a mod that already includes the same skybox, don’t add it again :wink:

My first submission. A DM map good for 1v1, 2v2 or FFA.

Somehow the readme in that zip is empty. Here it is again with sdm1.txt re-added to the archive.

I’d say this topic is not that useful anymore (“how to release” wiki page is linked on the homepage and we have been using the “tracking new releases” thread for ages now) so I am demoting it from being a sticky. Also I edited the “Tracking new releases” thread link into negke’s post.


Hi there, so let me share my problem. I see it is advised not to upload to Google Drive, and that is preferred. I went there, and there is no place to register. Just log in. I want to start submitting maps to the community. Cheers

Welcome! It’s a bit confusing but you can find the login details for quaketastic for example on
Alternatively you can always choose any other standard file host that you prefer, is nice or any self-hosted one. Anything that provides a clean, direct URL that can be downloaded with tools without any intermediate steps.

New Empire of Disorder 3.0 update with quality of life changes:

could you just edit the old page by adding the download of this version?

EDIT: I think I posted in the wrong topic. mybad