Super Quake v1.2 and Jigsaw2 weapon mods

Hi again all,

I also have Super Quake v1.2 and Jigsaw2 that were formerly created in (I think) 2000 and 1997, respectively. Super Quake has a mace hook, sniper rifle, cluster grenades among other weapon mods, and Jigsaw2 has a collection of weapons, and I think a deathmatch map.

Some historical text messages in Jigsaw2 abound from the late 1990s !

Update: Here are the list of modified weapons in Super Quake v1.2. Select them by hitting the same value key as the original weapon, such as hit the 2 key twice from the shotgun to get the Laser Rifle, then one more time to get the Sniper Rifle:

  1. Axe - Grappler (looks like a mace that hooks/does damage)
  2. Shotgun - Laser Rifle - Sniper Rifle (with red dot sight)
  3. Double-barreled Shotgun - Elephant Gun
  4. Nailgun - Spread Nailgun
  5. Super Nailgun - Super Spread Nailgun
  6. Grenade Launcher - Flamethrower - Cluster Grenades
  7. Rocket Launcher - Homing Missiles
  8. Thunderbolt - Chain Lightning - Plasma Gun (from Doom 1)

Quaddicted’s focus is on single player maps, not gameplay mods or total conversions.

Got it, thanks negke for the clarification.

Still looking for a Quake site or forum that caters to weapon mods or old/new, total conversion mods.

The division between single player maps that include some custom content on one hand, and partial/total conversions on the other can be kind of blurry. There are several releases on Quaddicted that could be classified as conversions or mods ( being a recent example), and include new or modified weapons, monsters, etc.

You can try searching the Quaddicted map database using keywords. This doesn’t always work perfectly (things have not been tagged consistently), but if you do a search for “weapons”, for instance, you’ll see plenty of releases that include new or modified weapons: is an old page that lists a few mods with download links (including several releases that are also on Quaddicted; as I said, the map/mod distinction can be blurry). It includes a link to, by the way (which seems to interest you, based on the other thread you started).

You could also try searching through for Quake mods. is another page with a list of mods that can be downloaded (once again including some SP releases that are also on Quaddicted), including Jigsaw2.

If you’re interested in creating your own mods and need advice/feedback, you could have a look at It’s more focused on SP mapping than modding, but there are some people working on new weapons, monsters etc. on there. The and threads might be useful in particular.

I am also looking for weapon mods for Quake.

I am finding it quite difficult to find stuff for Quake, whereas for Doom, it is quite easy.

Can you share Super Quake 1.2 through dropbox or similar?