TDM map suggestions 2 on 2 up to 5 on 5 - ala ID DM3

Hi there! Long time qtest player here and a bunch of us who played together way back when are having a bit of nostalgia. Alas since we have been playing nquake for a week I can’t seem to find any larger TDM / Clan Arena maps.

Any suggestions?

Also will take any suggestions for good 1 on 1 maps beyond the usual suspects - areowalk, blood run and the ones mentioned in the link below.

P.S. those that are having the nostalgia of notable names are - crt (Rocket Arena, Key Grip creator), a bunch of the Planetquake / Gamespy crew and many of us who attended the monthly “Beatdown” LAN.

Thanks in advance!

UKPAK and efdm12 come to mind