Texturing artist!

I want to help out with remaking/making Quake contents for free. Mainly Textures but I can also make objects, characters, rigging, animations, lighting and much more.
My background is a 5 years education as an 3D-artist with majoring in gaming graphics and about 2 years working experience.
Ive been working on several games for the Zeebo console. (its a budget home console thats basically a cellphone in a fancy shell with controllers) graphics are like ps1+, and various cellphone games.
Ofcourse Ive done some HD things aswell. Check me out at https://sketchfab.com/gfors85 for various stuff Ive made. They are pretty outdated though.

Im very friendly, honest and fun to work with and I want to help out and work with different projects of Quake.
For now Im only acustomed to import/export stuff in Quake 3 but I think learning to do the same for Q1,2 wont be that difficult.

So check me out and just hook me up for some fun stuff to do!


Nice to see this! Hopefully some people making maps for quake might be able to use your expertise. If anyone needs a music track for their map, I will happily make one / donate: https://immorpher.bandcamp.com/album/vestigial-processes

Now we just need someone willing to make an actual map. :wink:

Well as some of you may know I have a long-suffering “in the works / when it’s done” q1sp episode project which will use Qmaster’s ultimate mod with the idea of a detailed and hopefully slightly “living” fantasy environment. Most of the reason it’s taking forever is that I just haven’t had much time to put into it for the past year or two; these days, apparently, I achieve progress the way a tree grows rings. But part of the reason is also that I want to get a lot of details right (whereas I used to be more careless with map releases, I held on to Something Wicked for a long time for that reason). Anyway, all I can really do at the moment is say how epic I think it is that people are still around playing and wanting to create stuff, and that I could certain provide stuff to create (although on a “when it’s done” basis). If you’re interested, I’ll get in touch at some point although it may be in December.

Hello, you might be able to find some takers on the https://discordapp.com/invite/f5Y99aM.

Hello everyone!
Thanks for your answers, I think I will start out with simply remake textures for good old Quake 1 and post them here for you to critique.
I know there are lots of you out there that have grand plans and projects and maybe do not feel to connect with others about your plans yet, so I think its best for me to just display what I make and then perhaps some of you find some stuff interesting and wants to work with something together :slight_smile:
Also I need to figure out what platforms to use to share stuff and so on and fix all the tools I need for creating.
Yeah I will check out Quake mapping Discord, thank you.

take care now!

One thing that might speed things up is to use some neural upscaling to help add detail to some textures. Doom has been getting great results: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/99021-v-0-93-doom-neural-upscale-2x/

How can one do this? I ask because I am working on some texturing tutorials for Quake right now. Would be nice to include.

Basically they are using early-access NVIDIA tools found here: https://developer.nvidia.com/gwmt . I think you have to be in a waitlist (or atleast used to) to get access. But when you do, I believe you can upload texture files to their server, and use “Super-Resolution” which can upscale it. They also have “Texture Multiplier” which produces variants, for variety, of a texture.

I think the most famous, and free, neural upscaler is Waifu2x, which can upscale textures: http://waifu2x.udp.jp/ . Here you can choose a texture from your hard-drive. Then in “Upscaler” select 2x, check that you’re not a robot, and click convert.

Waifu2x can produce “waxy” results, which may or may not be good. NVIDIA is pretty crisp and pixely (which is great for older games). I have used Waifu2x before and I like it better than things like 2xSAI and hq4x (found in emulators).

And finally there are non-neural options that are fast and what emulators like using. You can find most of them in this software here: https://code.google.com/archive/p/2dimagefilter/

Oh! I almost forgot. With textures if you just upload a non-repeated one you sometimes can get edge artifacts. This is a problem for seamless textures. So sometimes I will repeat my texture 3x3, upscale, then crop out the center.

Let me know if this helps and if you try any!