Thanks for keeping files

Hey Spirit,

Thanks for keeping copies of virtually every engine and map tool source code (well you keep far more than that).

  1. It sure saves Googling to locate whatever oddball site had some obscure source code. Sometimes it is a pain to phrase the search right.
  2. Occasionally I can’t find stuff I do have somewhere but can’t locate so quickly
  3. Save time reading forever in a thread to try to find stuff
  4. Sites go dead occasionally.

Ha, thanks! It’s probably a more healthy obsession than smoking.

I just hope that the archive will turn into something more interesting and less of a file dump some day.

I’m looking for the QC source of Travail to recompile the dat file for functionality with Sevens Small Mod Comp and DarkPlaces. Any suggestions?

Kick-Ass!! Thanks Asaki!!

is there a backup of the qc tutorials that were on the main page of inside3d?

this site is ossM, Spirit. thanks so much!