The "Are you a robot questions" are bad

The first one I got was “How many maps has Kinn made?” How in the world are people who’re creating a new account for this website supposed to even know who this Kinn guy is, much less be in on that niche stuff? The second was “How old will Quake turn in 2016?” It’s 2018 now, update your questions.

I got back to Quake back in 2016, with no prior experience in custom maps, so I was completely in the dark regarding well-known mappers, too. But at least the two questions you mentioned are easy to look up. Kinn seems to have two maps, when you sort Quaddicted’s map list by author. But yeah, I think I agree with you; making the questions more generic would make Quaddicted more accessible for people not well versed with Quake.

I agree. In fact, I already complained to Spirit about that particular question years ago. Likewise, the “when was Quaddicted launched” one is equally obscure - even I couldn’t answer it with confidence. It’s good to keep the questions related to Quake, but they should be generic in that, indeed. The “how old” one is fine and just needs the “will” replaced by “did”, it’s easy to research.

Other generic Quake questions could be:

How many episodes does Quake have? - 4
What is the name of the strongest monster? - shambler
What type of ammo does the Lightning Gun use? - cells
What is the name of the hardest difficulty mode? - nightmare
What shape does the invulnerability powerup have? - pentagram
What is the maximum amount of nails the player can carry? - 200

Aye aye!

Weirdly enough I see that these were commented out, let’s try them again instead of the current ones:

‘In which year was Quake released?’
‘How many armor types exist in Quake?’
‘How many episodes does Quake have?’

Strings are not possible with this plugin and I think numbers are easier anyways.