The Beauty of Quake by Amelie C. Langlois

I stumbled upon this great video with many cool looking maps and thought it’s worth sharing with the community:

I’d seen it before, but it’s well worth another watch. Just FYI, Amelie goes by ComfyByTheFire here and in other places. Hopefully the next few years will have enough beautiful maps to fill another video, I know there have been a good few since its creation already.

Love this video, hugely inspiring to someone who’s been out of the Quake scene for a number of years. So much has changed and visual standards have gone through the roof. Also super psyched to see my old e2m5rmx from 2008 near the end, if a little surprised :smiley:

It is a good video indeed for looks. Pity she did not take it further and add some variety, as save for three or four all maps are pretty much of the same time and style, and even those three-four are still of a quite similar style. It is leaving aside many great looking custom maps out.