The best of 2013!

Well the first map of 2014 is already upon us hardly any sooner than the year began, and 2013 was undoubtedly IMO a year with many, many great releases. So which ones are the best? Maybe list a top three, specifying specifically if you have a definite favorite (first place), and avoid having all three picks be from the same author (choose levels from at least two authors).

For a reference, here is everything rated Nice or Excellent (Nice ones are first, Excellent starts with Backsteingotik).

Ascending & Descending
Termination Mental
A Past and Future Secret
FMB Bin Dunner Gorne 2 (only consider new maps, since the first level was a la 2007)
Ivory Tower
Pain in the Arch
Mainframe Mayhem
Clean Cut
Midnight Stalker
The Horde of Zendar

If possible maybe someone could put these in a poll and allow three choices? Just a suggestion. I can’t figure out how to introduce a poll myself.