The Best of this Community's Level Design is Just So Good

I lost interest in Quake, began playing other FPS games like Dread Templar, Warhammer Boltgun, Prodeus… And while those games have their merits, there is something “pure” about the way the best level designers work for Quake. I just finished Andrew Palmer’s first level from his latest map pack, and everything is placed with a purpose. Even a jutting brick suggests a secret. Sure, Quake’s AI is primitive compared to a modern monster of an FPS like Doom Eternal, but now that I’ve beaten Eternal, it doesn’t give me that feeling of exploring a new map, the suffocating atmosphere… Thank you, map-makers, for mastering a lost art and pushing yourselves further than the original creators of Quake ever imagined. This game is still kicking.

I agree and play Block Quake Copper for better AI of monsters —

You can enhance AI with Copper only if you find Block Quake no your cup of tea.

It is agreed the level of talent and dedication in this community is praiseworthy. ‘Quake’ is simple and as old as it gets arguably speaking but it is nonetheless extraordinarily well maintained, as well as supported by enthusiasts. What cannot be overlooked though is that ‘Quake’ is ‘Quake’ and little can be done to overcome that - at least for what I know of - if you find it not your cup of tea in the end. Sure someone could turn ‘Quake’ into ‘Fallout’ for example or make a spin of ‘Brutal Doom’ sort but for some reason, we do not see that happen, therefore the only real novelty for here and now are maps, next to sourceports pushing the horizon of what is possible within the game limits. Question is, if you want to admire maps but stumble over gameplay, what in the end is it all about?