The Fish Factory


I sent spirit the direct link to my map. Here is the text file:

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Title : The Fish Factory
Filename :
Author(s) : Jaeon (Zhay-Own) the A is long
Email Address :
Description : A small secret society of men got word that the sissification of the male population is due to fish poisoning.
Your assignment is to sneak into Quake’s fish factory and discover if and what they are putting in the fish that are then released to be caught and consumed.
Warning…if you wear tight pants you will be found out.

                       This is a hard, small to mid level. I know where to go and what to do and have a hard time beating it on hard. You better play normal unless you don't eat fish....then you might have a chance.
                       I follow no scheme. I do what I want when it comes to texturing. Don't want to see a box texture used alternatively? Skip this map. 
                       My goal was to learn Trenchbroom and put in place as many effects that the engine allowed that made sense to me. 
                       There is more then one way to finish this map.

Additional Credits to : dumptruck_ds. His tutorials are as good as any on youtube and I have watched a wide range. Want to rush a chair?


  • Play Information *

Level Name : fishfac.bsp

Single Player : yes
Cooperative 1-32 Player : no
Deathmatch 2-32 Player : no
Difficulty Settings : yes: (3) hard, normal and easy are identical but for one aspect
New Sounds : no
New Graphics : yes: Just one
Sound Track : no
Demos Replaced : no
.map Included : yes

Software needed to play : build tested with quakespasm
(ctf, normal quake etc.)

Comments : I am 66 years old and have been building levels since 1996. I have done maps for Doom, Doom2, Quake, Quake2, SoF, Sof2, Kingpin, Duke Nukem, Redneck Rampage, Blood2, NOLF2, Heretic, Heretic2, Hexen, Hexen2
I have used, DCK, QED, Build, Radiant(many forms), Quark, GZDoomBuilder, DEdit and Worldcraft. I like learning editors almost as much as building.
I think my count is around 40 maps under various names of which I think three are good. I think this level is good

  • Construction *

Base : New
Build Time : About a month, several hours per day

Times & stats :System Used : Mine
Qbsp : ne_q1spCompilingGui103.exe and ericw-tools-v0.18.1-win64
Vis (-level 4) : yes
Light (-extra) : yes
Brushes : 1992 ?
entities : 772 ?
miptex : ?

Texture WAD used: q.wad and fish.wad
Editor(s) used : Trenchbroom
Known Bugs : none known

  • Legal Stuff *

(Template level description provided by Kyle ‘ObserveR’ Lemke of

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