The Music Thread

Every self respecting forum should have a music thread. Here is the kickoff. Do not mistake with official ‘Quake’ music or soundtrack discussion.

Music is the best.

I found this recently which fits Quake’s atmosphere pretty well

Very nice indeed @Spirit, sounds meditative and explorative. There is a vibe of mystery and maybe a little bit of horror or unsettling unknown, set in a gothic world, which could both be concrete or jungle, but what about cosmic space and voyage? I like atmospheric stuff with tonal depth, created either with conventional instruments or electronic aid.

Hence, my first input in this topic is a release by Chelsea Wolfe and her genius to create hypnotic but character strong and dynamic songs:

I think there is something magical about the voice and style of Lana del Ray.

If you remember that track ‘Future Club’ from the game ‘Hotline Miami 2’ - the guy behind the track is having a band or project called ‘Perturbator’ and so there is this band linked below who has covered some of his other tracks. They have totally butchered it - in a good way.

Recently I have learned that the man who gave voice to Africa in the ‘Far Cry 2’ theme song is named Baaba Maal. He is from Senegal in West Africa.

My favorite dark ambient label. This is what I listen to when mapping.

I usually listen to 90s gangsta rap and hardcore/dnb/jungle mixes these days, I figure the latter is probably more this forum’s speed.

@Lane_Powell, that sounds like part inspiring the ‘System Shock 2’ OST.

I do not know like many of ‘NIN’ songs, I did not get particularly hooked on that band vibe, mostly being aware nonetheless that Trent Reznor was a big thing in the ‘MTV’ era - unnecessarily mainstream - and he did marvelous job in co-op with the ‘id Software’ but this song here I do know and I like.

If I remember correctly, the ‘Holy Wood’ was the first album I ever bought that brought me with grace to the appreciation of hard rock and beyond in the world of music. I could not sleep the first night I heard it. The actual first bands were ‘Metallica’ and ‘Offspring’ though that I enjoyed.

The unique combination of Reggae and Raï music genres.

Jimmy OihidRasta mélodie

ShimmyMCDoubletime 2019

2:35 To my knowledge, the longest lasting one-breath fast rap line in the entire hip-hop history.

Famous intro from a classic ‘Perturbator’ album - the speech is from a movie ‘Network’ from the year 1976, still relevant if you ask me.

I have always wanted to know ‘Lustmord’ works better. Nonetheless, each time I casually start listening to some of these, I find myself somewhat bored, wanting to move to something else. Probably I ought to be in a very specific mental state - a “dark place” so to speak - just to be able to seize his message and the mood he creates through his art. The music of ‘Lustmord’ is quite meditative, although not all kinds of meditation are the same, I guess. His creation is like the sound of hardware; the without, rather than software or the within, so to say. Listening to ‘Lustmord’ does feel like reading a book to certain extent - it is not easy music. My knowledge of ‘Lustmord’ is rather shallow as for the moment but I thoroughly believe he would make killer soundtrack and/or soundscape for a game, suitably speaking.

One more track from the ‘Lustmord’ - I think the ‘Metavoid’ is casually quite enjoyable album all things put, minding it is ‘Lustmord’ still.

One of the rarest genres in modern music — Transcontinental Groove.

GonsofusSoul searchers

I am a big Lustmord fan. I usually listen to his music when mapping and modding Quake or when driving long distances. Dark Matter is one of my favorites of his. His last work was the OST for the game Scorn.

@dumptruck_ds, then you must also know some works of the ‘VNV Nation’ band? I used to listen to their music when I was younger, not quite my vibe really nowadays basing on what I remember, but I would gladly refresh my memory since the opportunity came.

Remember when I first heard the ‘Mindstripper’ by ‘Suicide Commando’ project. I thought this was the darkest thing I have listened to, all time. I still do. There is something special about that album. The ‘Suicide Commando’ got cheap though, so I cannot tell about other albums of the man behind it. Probably the ‘Axis of Evil’ is mentionworthy but it is a different kind of beast.