Thread with links to all high resolution textures

Hi Fellow Quake 1 Die Hard fanatics

I was wondering where i could find the thread with complete list of all the download links of pretty much every official released and fan created map packs. I remembered a thread like that a a couple of years ago but i cannot find it atm. Please help

Oh i think i found it, but it was from quakeone. Is it okay for me to share that link here ?

And is there a central location that has all the hd texture packs (or at least as many as possible) in one place ? Like for example a torrent file or download page ? It would be a shame to see all that great work get lost or just hard to pin point.

BTW i love this site and the passion of all its contributors, many thanks for all your great work. Quake 1 is such a great game, even today, and the commitment and dedication of its community is breathtaking.

Sidenote to all you purists out there :slight_smile:

I actually do play quake without hd textures as well, i am a sucker for the grainy pixelated look of OG Quake (with for example Quakespasm).Also i adore the brown and green artstyle it is so moody. But i like the Darkplaces engine with hd textures aswell, depending on my mood.
They both have something appealing to me, its like choosing between your kids.

Yes of course! :smiley:

And thank you for the kind words.

If someone wants to compile a collection of those, I will gladly host the files. Not sure where in but sorting can always happen later.

Hi all

The link is :

I am in the proces of downloading them all for my personal archive, then i will also try to upload them here. (any guidelines on how i should do this in a neat and organized way btw ?)

If anyone has anymore hd texture packs for other maps or mappacks please feel free to add links here or upload them aswell, lets make this the ultimate hd texture pack collection !

quakeone thread provided by talisa is abandoned by author for few ears ago (same as whole quakeone site)
May be this helps?

Yes Yes ! Thats great ! Thats exactly what i was hoping for ! I’d like to get all these scattered contributions into one single location for everyone’s convenience.

Your thread is excellent, i see even HD texture for classics like GTH by JPL thats awesome. Thank you for adding to the thread.

I didn’t know that quakeone was pretty much abandoned, i do recognize the name Talisa as a prolific modder or mapper of somekind (i am not knee deep in quake modding scene, just a yearly returning fan to enjoy some maps). What a shame that fan sites are withering down, the Quake community is such a beatiful thing, the love for one of histories most legendary games, and all the work and content being made it is such a beacon of greatness in these times. Sad to see great contributors like Talisa leaving the scene too.

I cant yet tell how much the texture packs of those 2 threads overlap, i’d like to chart stuff like that out and make it more convenient and have everything listed in a more systematic way as to make it easier to, for example, see stuff like that. I am wondering how i could do that in the most efficient way. I had honestly expected that something like that would have been done, seeing as the maps and packs are being produced in such a rapid and consistent way. It seems to me it is time the hd texture packs get some more love aswell !

Or are hd textures considered more of a guilty pleasure, frowned upon by the hardcore few ? :slight_smile:

Anyone knows what happened to this site ? … r-sp-maps/

A couple of years ago it seemed to me the go to sites for quake stuff was, Quaddicted, Quakeone, func_msg and QRP project mainly (sorry if i left anyone out, im not really that knowledgeable tbh). Has that changed ?

@ [Or are hd textures considered more of a guilty pleasure, frowned upon by the hardcore few ?]

HD textures rather for people who want to bring “an exciting new look” to old - good games or something else. And it is not hironical sentence - everyone can have a choice.

Why some mappers dislike any HD stuff - it is very simple reason why:
HD texture covers initial design of his creation and it distorts and often dramatically uglyfy it.
PS: it is my opinion as mapper and (in past) HD textures creator.

As for NGQ? seems to be it was created as some kind of modern altered version of q-one, but something goes wrong with it and it died irrevocably.

How unfortunate the site bled out

Are you a hd texture mapper ? Unbelievable, i have spent many hours enjoying alot of them and i never got to be grateful for it, but i was, i remember thinking to myself these creators are magnificent, you guys deserve love, fame and many hot women at your disposal (or scrags if women aint your thing).

Where do you find something like Quake in these times of monetization and micro transactions, it just warms my hearth that there is still a place like this.

So again to all creators of Quake content you are great and we are very grateful !!

Hi all

I have begun to download the texture packs. However the QRP site’s d/l links are not working, and ModDB only has the main game and the SOA expansion but not the DoE one.

Anyone has QRP DoE texture pack and item texture pack laying around ?

Or are the Reforged one’s generally considered as better versions ? Anyone remembers the difference between those two ?

Ah, seems the Quake Reforged links are broken too :frowning:

Anyone can help here ?

@ [Anyone has QRP DoE texture pack and item texture pack laying around ?]

Link to this in my first post in thread

Item textures was`nt ever released by reforged team.

@ Qazzaq : Thank you, i am slowly working my way down the list of links, i hadn’t gotten to your thread just yet.

Luckily alot of the links for the custom map packs are still working ! (yeeh for dropbox)

Hi all

Progress update : Finished securing downloads of around 21 maps/packs from Talisa’s 1st post of the QuakOne thread.

Almost every link still seems to be working but not all :

Next alinea is copy pasted from that forumpost, the in all caps are links, the 1st one is working, but the second isn’'t and that is for a couple of maps which totally deserve to be played in HD.

Anyone has those somehow ? Or know of the whereabouts of the creator Blood Vengeance ?

Any ideas on how to contact Blood Vengeance ?

func_ Mapjam9 & Kell’s Contract Revoked Episode

album with more pics can be found here<



Addon for mapjam9&contract pack by Blood Vengeance to support several other Knave maps

Are You Yet Living:
Breakfast at Twilight:
Contract Revoked: The Lost Chapters
Gloomier Keep
Pain In The Arch
Subterranean Library:


After i finished downloading them all, i will scour the net for more like these

Update : Found more links with hd texture packs

I will crawl these aswell and add as many as possible.

Afterwards id be honored if it can be added to Quaddicted’s downloadpage. And for redundancy i will compile them in one big file and upload it to Moddb.

Think any of of the creators would object to that ?

Thanks for reading.

Hi all

Progress update :

Seeks like alot of those other links are dead even the dropbox ones.

I will try to send a PM to Talisa him/her self on QuakeOne. His/her last activity was reportedly yesterday and his/her location is The Netherlands. I also am Dutch so i will hopefully be able to ask him/her for all the files directly

interesting information

Oh cmon, you dont have to get all sarcastic about it lol. Either you’re into hd textures for especiialy custom maps in which case this thread might be useful, or you’re not and thats okay

Im just trying to preserve some work and make it a bit more accessible thats all

@Hardvore, keep doing what you doingm8 and happy new year!

Once done, tie everything in a nice ribbon (dnld) and share with the world.

Much appreciated