Tiddles Base Maps

I really enjoy playing Tiddles Base maps. They have a unique look with blending grimy stone walls with metal trim, ample amounts of crates, tech lights and splashes of water. I like that they are small, easy and fast. These maps are a great choice when I don’t have a lot of time. Released from 1996 to 2001 these maps had great detail and atmosphere for custom maps of their time.

  1. Did any other author create maps in Tiddles base look and style?

  2. Did Tiddles make any deathmatch base maps? Even if they don’t have single-player functionality they would be fun to explore.

  3. Did Tiddles release any of his map sources or texture wads? I want to put all his great work in a single archive, so I can have easy access to them in the future.

  4. Jag Taggard, Ziggiii and I have enjoyed playing these maps, have you? What are your thoughts?

Hrimfaxi’s second SM127 entry is quite Tiddles-adjacent:


Thank you OTP for replying. I will try that map out once I finish all Map Jam 1 stuff. On a side note I enjoyed reading Tiddles interview that you posted here at Quaddicted in 2012. Tiddles seems like an interesting person. On the interview page it also has links for his DM maps too. Thank you.