Tracking new releases (for addition to the database)

Let’s make 2019+ better than 2018. If I am missing a upload of a (well-packaged) new map for more than a week, you may give me animal names.

Check what’s uploaded in

Please post direct links to new files in this thread. That makes it easiest for me to upload them. Quaketastic or other direct link hosters only.

“Uploaded” does not mean “available in the database at”. Uploading simply means the file is available in

Please do not go into any discussion about contents or whatever in this thread. Its only purpose is to track new uploads and potentially missing releases.

Read this to get your release up quickly:

[quote=radiatoryang]Hello all. I’m helping out with adding your new releases to the Quaddicted database.

To review, updating Quaddicted with new maps is a 4 step process:

  1. You upload a well-packaged .ZIP to a non-Drive / non-Dropbox direct link webhost like Quaketastic (for help with packaging: )

  2. You add a new post that links to your .ZIP in this Quaddicted forum thread “Tracking new releases”

  3. Spirit uploads a copy of your .ZIP to

  4. Quaddicted volunteers like me have to input all the database metadata (author names, map names, features) and it sometimes takes a long time to do all this research to manually update your entry.

So to speed up step 4, please start including database data when you link to your release!

It will make things easier for volunteers, make updates more frequent here, AND it will give you a little more control over how your page will look too.

(If you don’t do this, it’ll take longer to add your release + you’ll have no say in your map presentation)

Here’s a template for people to copy and paste for future release posts here. Replace the example placeholder with your own data.

example – “Subterranean Library”

comma-separated list of everyone who made levels in the release… example – “ChrisHolden, Greenwood, Grue, Heresy, ionous”

example –

EXTRA LINKS (optional)
one link per line, format is (title)|(url)… example – “ModDB|

are these small (~5 minutes), medium (10-15 min), or large (20, 30+ min) levels? help players budget time and expectations

SHORT DESCRIPTION (1-4 sentences)
How many maps? Do they form an episode? If it was a map jam, what were the constraints? What map themes or styles? Any custom weapons or textures or monsters? What mod kit did you use, is it already included or downloaded separately?

TAGS (optional)
Comma separated list of Quaddicted tags. Common tags: “small, medium, large, medieval, wizard, base, slaughter, ad, copper, makkon”… see tagging policy here

link to a 1024x768 JPG that’s under 300 kb + isn’t too dark + shows at least one main area

Note: we still might edit or clarify your data, or take a new screenshot if it seems misleading, etc.[/quote] → Uploaded!

Hey Spirit!
sm189 and sm190 are also missing.


Oh also,
Shamsp4 by Shambler
Soul Complex by Sonnenblume (first time mapper)

Hey, I did a quick check cause I was curious about all the historical speedmap packs, and as far as I can tell, all of these speedmap packs are missing from quaddicted: 68, 69, 88, 92, 107, 189, 190, 191

I checked func_ speedmapping thread for a few of these but predictably the links are broken (the first 5 here are from 2004-2005), but hopefully someone still has them around on their harddrives! was already there → Uploaded! → Uploaded! → Uploaded!

Dunno about the others.

Uploaded two maps I received by mail:

I have the sm88 and sm107 speedmap pacs.
Speedmap packs 68 and 69 has never been made.
Don´t know about sm 92.

In my map archive I have some more maps that are missing in the Quaddicted archive,
you can get them if you want.

Hmm just found out that yvon5 is the same as
don´t know why it was renamed. sorry :sunglasses:

SM69 was skipped, because of the metlslime-RPG collaboration of the same name.

SM68 was also skipped, but without a reason provided.

SM92 was organised, but nobody mapped for it. :frowning:


Thanks! Your host blocked wget btw…



my last map still isn’t on the database

cheers :slight_smile:

It’s been uploaded already though:


refinery must be lower case please

Good call, renamed.


Kindly requesting:

Whoops, missed that post ^