Trenchboom 1.0, new tyr-utils, bjptools with Hint/Skip/Detail!

It’s a glorious week to be a Quake mapper.

First a with:
]light and vis both now multithreaded on Unix and Windows platforms /]
]vis now writes a state file every 5 minutes so it can resume if needed /]
]qbsp and vis now support a form of detail brushes, similar to Quake 2. See qbsp.txt for further details. /]
]added a small optimisation to vis for a minor speedup (usually only 1-2%) /]
]build system re-written and lots of cleanups all over the code/]

Then Sleepwalkr version 1.0.0 of his for Windows and Mac (Linux being a bit more tricky):
]True 3D editing, no 2D views required /]
]High performance renderer with support for huge maps /]
]Vertex editing with edge and face splitting /]
]Manipulation of multiple vertices at once (great for trisoup editing) /]
]Smart clip tool /]
]Move, rotate and flip brushes and entities /]
]Precise texture lock for all operations /]
]Smart entity property editors /]
]Graphical entity browser with drag and drop support /]
]Comprehensive texture application and manipulation tools /]
]Search and filter functions /]
]Unlimited undo and redo /]
]Point file support /]
]Automatic backup /]
]Support for .def and .fdg files, mods and multiple wad files /]
]Free (as in beer) and open source (GPLv3) /]
]Cross platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux supported)/]

Check out You can compile it on Linux but it is crashy and a bit awkward at the moment.

And just now rebb a version of Bengt “aguirRe” Jardrup’s tools with Hint, Skip and Detail brush support! He did so unknowingly that exactly that task was the from the poker advertisement money. Woot!

Thanks both Sleepwalkr and Tyrann!!

I’ve never tried to make a quake map, but you might see one made by me sometime!

Thanks for the tools! You guys rock!