TribalFX for Quake

Hey everyone,

Tribal has created nice particle effects for Quake called TribalFX, you can download latest version TribalFX 0.1U Fix 2 at or

However Tribal never posted the source code for the latest version (he did previously). Would someone kindly ping him on Twitter or on Instagram to post the source code?

I’d like to tweak a couple of things for better compatibility with Play_Q mod by Ash1980 and Quakespasm-Spiked in general. However Twitter and Instagram are disallowed by the government of my country. I don’t want to go to jail, I just wat to play Quake with better mod.

Kind regards,


I don’t have Instagram and on Twitter when I try to send a message I get “@tribalquake can’t be messaged”. Maybe some else could help. Anyway I’ve downloaded TribalFX (works properly with Classic id1 paks, not with Enhanced - probably due to additional .vis files that are compatible with Classic. Also not compatible with Ironwail) and it seems nice. Ogre has a skulls on his back, there’s an axe etc. Also tried out of curiosity Play_Q which is based on TribalFX, but at a first glance it has less visual features, like I couldn’t gib monsters so easily.


I would be happy to apply all the effects in the “Play_Q” mod if Trouble provided the source code in the “U” version, as he did in all previous versions of his mod. But since he had been creating these effects from scratch for a very long time, he considered them unfinished and not final and refused to give me the source code. Very sorry. But I’m glad that Tribal studied coding for six months just to create effects! By the way, these are not effects from “Arcane Dimensions”, although they are similar. These are newly made. As for the ogre with skulls on his back, for me this is an outdated model and it also has overlays of vertices and limbs in some animation frames. So I replaced it. I also didn’t like the hell knight and the fish hanging out in the water column, and I also replaced them and turned off this effect. In general, you can just take the Tribal mod of the “Ufix2” version and replace everything you want in it. It’s not difficult.