Trying to find an old frag movie

Hello quakers!

I’ve went crazy last week trying to find a quite old quake 3 movie. I am certain that one of the songs used was “Crash” by Propellerheads and basically that’s my best clue. I am not very sure but the title might be “fragged by Mike(s)”, but I am really not sure about that.

So any help will be greatly appreciated! Nostalgia hit hard when I heard the song above a week ago…


Hahhahahah!!! I found it!!! Searched for it for two days maybe and finally got it in random quake frag movies play list.
If any of you is curious - here’s the link -
I was impressed back in the days also by the fact that the creator listed the songs used, which was rare back then. Anyway, thanks to anyone that have read my request and maybe thought about it for a while. I am happy person now :slight_smile: Cheers!!!