Two more reviews by Tronyn

Only few days after Tronyn’s, here are yet another two:

i love dm to sp conversions, as they provide a great contrast to the massive projects that are all that seem to be released nowadays in q1sp. as a veteran crawl/save player, there’s a “ton of fun” to be found in them, and tronyn is correct in pointing out that many dm maps meet the rigorous design/atmosphere needs of sp play. also, negke has discovered the secret that combining 2 or more similarly themed maps can be awesome. maybe, he can be tricked into converting some of the many outstanding q2 gloom mod maps to q1sp!

Heh, don’t tempt me, I shouldn’t overdo it.

Tronyn, thanks for the review. It’s very possible DMC3 is harder than 1 and 2 (did you play all three episodes on Hard?) - since the first two were designed specifically for speedrunning whereas I took a more standard approach in 3. Also, did you play each map individually, from shotgun start, or like a normal episode? Doing the latter (=all runes in inventory) will lead you to an additional end credits scene back in the start map after killing Shub.

I was hoping for a DMC3 speedrun event during QExpo, but they didn’t seem to care. :frowning: A deathmatch competition would have been nice, too.

DmC3 did seem harder. I played most of it episode-style but then I quit and when I came back I started out with just “map whatever” so unfortunately I missed that extra scene.

Speedrunning intrigues me. I’m still such a noob that I don’t take it into account when I design maps, so it’s interesting to see the creative approaches people come up with. The idea of designing maps with speedrunning in mind… seems like it’d require a good knowledge of the physics - which you clearly have!