Unable To Install Quake

Hello everyone. I am unable to install Quake on my Windows 10 PC. Every time I am trying to install it just shows the “Error Opening File For Writing” error message. I don’t know why this happening and how to fix it. If anyone provides any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What kind of ‘Quake’ do you mean - do you use any sourceport or is it the ‘Bethesda’ version?

Thanks for replying. You are right, It’s the ‘Bethesda’ version.

So, after searching on Google I found https://digicruncher.com/error-opening-file-for-writing/ solution. I am sharing it with you. The issue is fixed after applying a process mentioned there. I just changed the security permission.

I am glad you fixed the issue. Sorry I could not help anyhow, but I did not have to do with the ‘Bethesda’ version.