Update: Arcane Dimensions 1.5

The criticially acclaimed Quake MOD https://www.quaddicted.com/reviews/ad_v1_50final.html has received a major update: Version 1.5.

Arcane Dimensions is a large-scale single player campaign with many new high-quality levels, some of them labeled as “test” maps, featuring a whole line-up of new monsters and items as well as a lot of tweaks and changes to the gameplay. It is also meant to serve as a tool box for level designers.

  • This updated version features six new levels, either made exclusively for AD or previously-released ones updated to use the new goodies, and another set of new enemies and items, among other things… The ultimate newschool Quake experience. *



It’s not really a campaign: the various levels aren’t chained within a storyline. It’s more like a collection of single maps.

The hidden runes that unlock an extra level kind of makes it a campaign.

Kinda, sorta, very flimsily… This is the one downside of AD IMO.

For me it doesn’t really need to be a campaign. Each map has its own story, theme and gameplay pacing. No need to split them into smaller parts since they are already huge.

quake barely has a story. why this would be held to a higher standard than the official game is beyond me.

enemy “x” is attacking. kill all the bad guys. hardly shakespeare.

as for ad itself, awesome so far. have played firetop mountain and swampy or whatever its called, and they are both truly excellent.

Let’s just say I miss episodes. Not many are made these days and AD is so great that an AD episode would rock all kinds of awesome!

Just wanted to say thanks for all the people that spent the time building AD. Quake [1] has been my favorite game since it launched and I am really thankful that even in 2016 there are enough dedicated people to build a mod like this. Excellent work.