Update on progs_dump 3

I just posted this to func and thought I’d re-post. We missed our march deadline but 99% of the code is completed. I am working on sample levels, bug hunting, docs and updating the entity def files (which is taking a while!) We’re also replacing most of the included assets with original models and sound effects. The highlights for me are the new text features, the state system, “actor” system (misc_modeltrain) and the new attack options (homing and projectile speed) all kinds of crazy new options:

3.0.0 June 2022

  • Fixed QSS crash in mobot.qc (paavohuhtala)
  • Fixed syntax error in Enforcer.qc (paavohuhtala)
  • Added in-fighting modes to monsters (ILike80sRock)
  • Added breakable spawnflags to func_fall2 (whirledtsar)
  • Added explosive projectiles to HellKnight (ILike80sRock)
  • Renamed potentially offensive file name (progs.src, spawn.qc)
  • Fixed Voreballs not homing in func_monster_spawner Shalraths
  • Added trigger_changetarget (ILike80sRock)
  • Added Wait for retrigger spawnflag to trigger_multiple (ILike80sRock)
  • Added style 4 to Ogre - shoots lavaballs (JaycieErysdren)
  • Quake Info Pool fixes: https://www.quake-info-pool.net/q1/qcfix.htm
  • Fixed armor affected by drowning damage
  • Added gravity, solidity, back-and-forth, only once and play count
    spawnflags to misc_model (Inky, bmFbr)
  • Added trigger/toggle animations to misc_model using target_setstate (bmFbr)
  • Added info_intermissiontext for custom intermission messages (ILike80sRock)
  • Added skip_id1_overrides worldspawn key to disable hardcoded map features
    like intermissions and E1M8 gravity (ILike80sRock)
  • Added PASSIVE_ALWAYS and PASSIVE_UNTIL_ATTACKED spawnflags to monsters
  • Added Looping spawnflag to play_sound_triggered which allows triggered,
    looping sounds to restart after a save (bmFbr)
  • Added Turret Mode spawnflag for Grunts, Enforcers, Ogres, Ogre Marksmen,
    Hellknight, Shalrath, Shamblers and Zombies. (dumptruck_ds, ILike80sRock)
  • Fixed armor taking damage with Pentagram of Protection (johnfitz)
  • Added custom sound keys and new options for func_new_plat (Alkaline, bmFbr)
  • Made Zombies partially z-aware only in Turret Mode
  • Removed “in wall” dprint on monster with I_AM_TURRET spawnflag
  • Fixed Fiend and Dog instakill bug (dumptruck_ds, Preach)
  • Added custom projectiles with exploding options to Wizard (ILike80sRock)
  • Added trigger_textstory and target_textstory to show long centerprint texts
    can fade background and trigger sounds (bmFbr)
  • Fixed missing sound_attack keys on Grunts (ILike80sRock)
  • Added Style 1 to Shambler (throws lavaballs, works in turret mode)
  • Added misc_modeltrain allowing custom triggered animations for monster models
    and other trains (Alkaline, bmFbr)
  • Consolidated TrenchBroom FGDs into one file that now displays custom models
    and skins (dumptruck_ds, bmFbr)
  • Added homing key to monsters and styles that shoot projectiles (ILike80sRock)
  • Added proj_speed_mod to modify monster projectile speeds
  • Added custom path alignment using origin textures to func_train (TheRektafire)
  • Added in-fighting mode -1 Never in-fight (ILike80sRock)
  • Added Spawn Silently spawnflag to monsters (wait 1 can still be used)
  • Added trigger_monsterface: Running monsters that do not see their target and
    touch this will face in the direction of the trigger’s angle instead of the
    unseen target. (TheSolipsist)
  • Added func_shadow, misc_shadowcontroller and switchable shadow support to
    doors and brushmodels (bmFbr)
  • Added func_togglevisiblewall, a toggleable version of func_wall (bmFbr)
  • Added SILENT spawnflag to func_fall (dumptruck_ds)
  • Added START_HIDDEN spawnflag to misc_model (Alkaline, dumptruck_ds)

Here’s a preview of some of the new monster features in progs_dump 3. https://youtu.be/VnEW-cswLWM

Looking great!