Using custom skill in a shortcut

For any Quake maps that don’t run with the injector (the very few of them), I just set up shortcuts to play them and type into the shortcut entry C:etc\Quake -game or +map as the case may be. It works fine. But when I add +skill 2 to the command, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I can get in game and the tab button says that the skill is set to 2, but the monster count is the same for maps where I know it’s different (tested on e1m1), so it’s obviously still on default skill 1 despite what tab shows. What can I do to get on skill 2 or 3 for real? I would just use the hub to select skill if I had to but these are single maps that don’t have a hub world. Using Windows 10 and I also tried skill 2 and -skill 2 but this didn’t work.

As far as I know, skill level can not be set through a command line argument. If you are going for skill 2 as default, you should add it as a line to an autoexec.cfg (must be created from scratch, if not used before) or the quake.rc file residing in id1/pak0.pak. Otherwise, you can always load up the map, type ‘skill 2’ in the console followed by ‘restart’ to reload the level in question at skill 2.

Try putting the skill as first + command. The order is important.

Thanks for the replies! +skill 2 works in a shortcut if it is before -game or +map.